ProductiFitty is a Lifestyle blog focussed on Productivity and Time Management, with a little bit of Fitness and Wellbeing thrown in.

Who am I?

I am a professional who has spent more than 18 years working for a FTSE 100 company in London. I am not a Personal Trainer or Lifestyle Guru, I’m just someone who has a healthy interest in productivity and in helping get the best out of their day. In my day job I am a Director, leading a central team; outside of work I can be found in the gym most days of the week, or spending time with my family.

What is this all about?

This is about passing on more than a decade of experience in managing my time in a highly competitive, professional environment.

I started the blog in the hope that I might help people find a way to “have it all”, you can have a successful career, stay fit and healthy (indeed, get fitter and healthier), and still have a family life. It is possible, I have done it, I do it every day.

What should you expect?

Expect a mix, mostly the blog will be about the importance of managing your time, and tools and techniques that you can use to help you do that. I will cover the tools and techniques that I use day to day, as well as those that I have tried that didn’t work out for me.

I will also cover some Fitness and Wellbeing stuff, Life Hacks that I use to get through my day, and Reviews of Apps or Tech that I am using to make my life easier.

If you like you can find me on Twitter or Instagram at @ProductiFitty, or you can contact me through the website at contact@productifitty.com