Fitness – Why does it matter?

So why do I believe you need to be fit to be successful and to operating at your point of highest contribution? What makes me think that it’s so important?

Well, we’ve established that fitness is key to being your best self; you cant expect to be the best version of you if your not taking your physical condition into account, but why do you need to be your best you? What have you got to gain from all that effort when you’re quite happy being the current version of you?

– Productivity – The fitter you are, the more energy you will have, the clearer you will think, the more focussed you will be, the more productive you will be. It is that simple.

– Development Mindset – The pursuit of fitness is constantly striving to reach the next goal, be that the one more rep, one more mile, one more asana, whatever. When you develop a mindset that is constantly pushing for development in any are of your life, that mindset will pervade every area of your life. Never stop learning, never stop developing.

– Better at everything – put those two things together; enhanced focus and a mindset devoted to the endless pursuit of development, and you have a recipe to make yourself better at everything that you do.

Those are pretty big asks, so how does fitness meet these lofty goals? Glad you asked.

Ownership – As I said in the last post; 200kg is 200kg, if you can lift it one week but not the next, then the only thing that has changed is you. Your preparation, your food, your sleep, the way you approached the lift, the warmup; all of these factors could affect your ability to lift the weight, but all of those factors are also completely in your control, you own all of them. Training teaches us that we own our outcomes, all of them.

Energy – I know that it sounds counterintuitive, but the more you train, the more energy you will have. Provided, of course, you also eat the right amount of food. You will have more mental and physical energy to devote to achieving the things that you want to achieve, both at home and at work. You will also sleep better when you go to bed, causing you to rise more rested and better recharged ready to face the next day. These are not my assertions, these are facts backed up by piles of research into the subject, Google it.

Discipline – We are what we repeatedly do, there will be days when you don’t want to train, but you do it anyway, because you own your outcomes. On those days, you will have developed discipline. Every time you do that, every time you hit one more rep, every time you overcome the inertia that is holding you in your comfort zone, you develop your discipline, and a disciplined mind is a focused mind. This focus, this discipline, is what will drive you to develop, it is what will make you more productive, and it is what will make you better at everything.


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